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In today’s world, a business’s network is the foundation of their digital and online capabilities. It can either enhance or sabotage business operations, affecting both the client and employee experience. 

At MCX, we pride ourselves on our uniquely engineered international network, specializing in connecting emerging and established markets across the globe. With diversity and low-latency at the core, the result is a high-performance network you can rely on.

Our innovative network seamlessly connects 103 data center’s in 23 countries across America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions. We offer tiered latencies options to suit your needs – ultra low-latency for when latency is critical; low-latency for when you need to be latency sensitive and standard connectivity.

MCX’s agile business model and growth-mindset allows us to quickly move into new territories as the world evolves, so our on-net clients immediately benefit from opportunities in the most dynamic and attractive markets. 

Our core network solutions include: 

  • MCX  – Global Multipoint WAN Ethernet
  • MAN Ethernet (Layer 1 DWDM Services Passive and Active)
  • Layer 1 IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line EoSDH/EoDWDM)
  • Layer 2 (Data Link)
  • Layer 3 (Network) Point-to-Point Connectivity
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
  • Virtual Leased Line (VLL)
  • Wireless/Microwave Connectivity
  •  Resiliency via Protected Paths

MCX’s network is best-in-class for businesses whose connectivity is critical for their operations.

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